Friday, 8 January 2010

lessons: hoof is BACK

the question you have yourself whenever you do a video involving an american football pitch is obviously -

'which locker room do you want to get naked in?'

naturally your answer (if you're a boy) should be 'the girl's one!' and vice versa for ladies. but really you should go where the hottest people are getting naked, right?


mz. alexandra burke seems to be throwing a generic shaped spanner into the works with the release of her new video for 'broken heels'

the last time we caught up with burke she had some female empowerment thing going on. this looks like an attempt at the same.

it isn't.

burke (i always think of the 'berk' connotation of this word) does her nails and straps herself into what can only be described as a bodysuit with extra camel-toe (0:31). in fact it's not just toe. it's a whole fucking HOOF situation down there. (thanksfriends).

and thus begins a horror show of really straight hair, big heels and hoof shaking.

team burke is dressed in gold (the colour of WINNERS) and the other team (entirely made up of grumpy looking men) is in green. are they actually going to have it out and play american football?

don't be so silly. team burke are going to beat the manteam on their own terms, as independent women, as putting on make up (1:53) and being sexy y'all!

empowerment folks, it's a GOOD thing. especially when it's done by looking super sexy and showing purrrrfect blowjob lips. that's right patriarchy look at my shexy beeehind.

yeah perhaps?

the manteam clearly think the same as me. team burke are dancing but who exactly are they dancing for? the boys certainly aint watching them.

because what burke&co are doing is SO sexy, it's actually looped back round to gross and floppy inducing. shame eh?

in the words of my primary school p.e teacher:

'could do better'.

ps - here's something MUCHBETTERLOADS. found this on a v.good blog aboutlastnight.

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