Friday, 28 January 2011

my nan is better than nicki minaj

i've not been well this week. i've been coughing, sneezing and aching all over. want to know how sick i was?

i had a fever dream that my body was a factory and i didn't need to get a job because my body was my livelihood. i'm telling you, freud would have a field day with me.

so i've been languishing in bed and hacking up my sexy innards. thank god for my nan. after swearing at me quite vehemently regarding my new hair cut, she materialized like a fairy godmother on my doorstep bearing all the essentials for when you're sick.

lemons - for hot toddy assembly

oranges - for vitamins

(cooked)sausages - unsure. whatever. i had a nice sandwich

yoghurt - for "good" bacteria. but it wasn't yakult so it's less wanky

whiskey - for fun!

it was a lot like this video:

yes, my nan is the old white catholic version of nicki minaj. i'm going to languish in bed some more and watch boxsets.

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