Friday, 4 March 2011

lessons: ke$ha does EQUALITY

i've clearly been neglecting my music video watching duties boys and girls. because shit just got real on planet music video.

i could pretend i haven't seen the 'yawn this way' video by lady huge nose. but i'd be wrong because i saw it and i'm never going to be able to un-see it the same way john galliano wont be able to retract his love for a certain austrian fascist dictator.

i could review it. but it's overhyped, overblown and overlong. go HERE and judge for yourself.

naturally the gayz are up in arms about 'yawn this way' and there are some (a LOT) who herald hugenose with being the second coming (herself included). she's good, but about as christ-like as i am. this whole 'yawn this way' fiasco drips with disingenuousness.

it's almost as if she has killed gloria gaynor resurrected her with the power of elton john's dildo wand and caused her corpse to dance all over harvey milk's grave fat & naked, covered in glitter and shitting rainbows.

here's a much better video from ke$ha. that also features rainbows amongst some other stuff i like.

1. ke$ha being ke$ha. not ke$ha shamelessly exploiting a targeted demographic

2. people with UNICORN heads. uhh-mazing

3. gun shoes. slightly budget but you know, it's FINE

4. amusing puns on james van der beek's name

there's also a bit where they BOTH remove their bras. now that's REAL equality.


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