Wednesday, 24 February 2010

lessons: mariah carey is the bestest communist

mariah carey jelly time!

red is kind of a theme. i think it's time to get freudy.

red is the colour of a lot of things appaz. here's a handy list:

- sex

- wine

- communism

- pain

- periods

- liverpool football club

obviously in this video mariah is making a very clever comment on stuff that is red. but mainly she's trying to tell us something about communism. duh.

i live with a communist. she doesn't wear a lot of red but when she does you know she's only doing it to be communist about something. the same is obviously troo of mariah cakes.

there she is, doing away with money @0:47 because from now on we should all share. because she's dressed as a sexy nurse here, she represents a sexy health service. which don't need money. just mariah.

the several sentences (watch them, they're red too. some are white but whatever. mariah carey is "black" but whatever) that flash up throughout are bits of the communist manifesto translated for the facebook generation.

"another mechanic under my hood" - come work on my car comrade! i'll derilicte your balls

"you wont see me for free" - because everything is shared now, even my bootay!

"up out my face" - leave me alone, prole

"break" - break free from the shackles of capitalism!

"ha ha ha ha ha" - ha ha ha ha in your face capitalism!

"up out my face" - seriously prole just step off

"im out of here" - woops, looks like communism doesn't actually work! LATERZ

marx, what a gimp.

@1:35 mariah marx bre

aks out of her barbie box and in so doing, smashes her capitalistic prison. (idonthaveanenglishlitessaytodohonest)

that woman with mariah marx is so fucking annoying i cant even begin. GET THEE TO A GULAG ho.

yeah then there's a big bit at the end where people are having a revolution. with a brass band. totally communist by the by. they are in red afterall.

to conclude, mariah carey = better, richer and blacker than marx&engels put together. haw haw. now say capitalism doesn't work you beardy twats.

i do like a communist party though right?

next time: nietzsche meets cascada - the ubermensch triumph in 'evacuate the dancefloor'

ps - cheryl finally got rid of gashly! now she can go slag it about round toon. cannot wait

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