Friday, 5 November 2010


as it's the 5th of november i'm doing a firework related video. it's called "firework" by katy perry.

for some reason katy made the video "private" so i cant watch it on youboob so we're using dailymotion.

get over it

let it be known that i don't like katy perry. she's basically a try hard version of zooey deschanel who cant sing live for toffee. i did have a bit to say about how she compensated for this by being zany (PURPLE HAIR? YOU CRAZY BITCH LOL) but...yeah.

she's doing that thing recording artists occasionally do when they "reach out" to their fans with some inspirational "message" about tuning into their own inner awesomeness. or some shit.

the last person to successfully exploit the fat girl/homo/misfit/bully victim/anorexic/tranny/weirdo market was christina aguilera with her heartfelt "beautiful" video. katy's "firework" is a clear re-working:

both have gays

both have girls with body issues

and both have a strong female role model who serves to inspire these kids out of adversity

katy perry

christina aguilera

and people exploding. gotta say i DO like fireworks. but if folk started running about with what is basically a really lame x-men power i'd sort of be like "hey katy! LOVE the firework thing but what would be really impressive is if you sang live on x-factor"

happy bonfire night.

ps - vote for wagner

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