Friday, 31 December 2010

best of 2010

recently nme posted their 50 best music videos of 2010. i leapt upon this like a fat fuck on cake. and i gave each one of them a mini-review. i dont know how much time i spent watching music videos but it was a lot. i emerged on the other side a new man. i saw things. things normal men are never meant to see.

50 is far too many for any normal person. so i picked the five best that were in the list. go here if you want to look at what nme had to say. be warned - there are a lot of shit videos. what follows is the cream of the crop.

5. primary colours 'princess'
this is the funnest depiction of a post-apocalyptic landscape i've ever seen.
pros: son of man-esque multicoloured marchers. a load of those metal drums being drummed. a TRUMPET.
cons: distinct lack of tina turner

4. unkle 'the answer'
ray winstone talking about being struck by lightning interspersed with beautiful images of the world.
pros: ray winstone crying a bit. very epic. would be good to watch whilst really high. colourful.
cons: could freak you out whilst really high. particularly the bit where ray's eyes bloom into red roses. not very good if you don't like ray winstone.

3. katy perry (feat. snoop dog) 'california gurls'
i know, i know. i don't like katy perry. but this video is good. let's just pretend it's zooey deschanel.
pros: take your pick 'n' mix. abusive gummy bears, stuff made of sweets. a dance routine.
cons: snoop dog. and katy perry.

2. lady gaga feat. beyoncé 'telephone'
would be criminal not to include this really.
pros: dykes. strong women. prison. pussy wagon. telephone made out of hair. a diner. murder. cookery. a dance routine. BEYONCE.
cons: long. partially sponsored by virgin. unenjoyable if you are a shit person.

1. chase and status 'blind faith'
a camera follows a group of young men to a disco.
pros: everything. the lights, the dancing, the singing. all of it.
cons: if you don't agree with taking drugs it will probably offend/mean nothing to you. even so, BRILLIANT.

have fun tonight. have a cry. use a condom.


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