Tuesday, 22 December 2009

lessons: george harrison IS/WAS the best beatle

we're still in the 80s. we're still "doing that" so all of the noobs who want to flick themselves off to robert pattinson and bellawhatsherface can still go "do that". we're doing this. and this, is george harrison and it's fucking brilliant.

say what you like about the beatles; i've just come back from america and FUCK ME HARD they like to talk about the beatles. so they frequently say what they like about them. everyone does no doubt. apart from douches who say "i'm not um...really into the beatles"

people like that exist. it's not a pretty universe after all.

BUT WAIT. yes it is. because:

people who don't like the beatles = people who are not actually people.

they're shit demons like that thing from dogma. yeah like this.

sticking with the maths ("it's the same in every language") let's do a question.

if gupta has four venereal diseases and only remembers putting his dong-a-long into three ladies, what song should he be listening to?

sensible answer - gofuckyourselfyoucrazyshitbag


we all know george was the best beatle. he wrote 'here comes the sun' for fucks sake. some facts about george harrison include:

1) he did a load of eastern stuff. and eastern stuff is SO HOT RIGHT NOW. and he did it back then. clearly a forward thinking man.

2) he worked with madonna on a film with sean penn. (the film totally bombed and he said he hated madonna but you know, a lot of people say that and don't mean it, right?)

3) he is dead

4) he doesn't do the dance at 2:00 in this video. but we can all imagine that he does. yesyesyes.

seriously, where is the need in this dance? sitting in a study with moving objects (foreshadowing that winegums advert much? LOOK.

that's weird enough. but to have a dance smacked up in the middle of this sweetdream(beautifulnightmare)? where has the logic gone? who ate all the logic? etc. etc.

the 80s ate the logic, that's who. @3:33 they have a squirrel or something playing a smoking pipe. i'm sure there's a theory behind why that makes perfect sense. but for now, i'm just going to put it down to people being on drugs. DRUGS FUCK YOU UP. but good music, right?

to cap it all off and warm folk up for winter, i suggest watching THIS WARMING SONG.

it's full of old rockers doing that big end of the 70s vibe where they're not in groups any more and are into promoting their solo shit. which is never as good. but you know, KARMA AND ALL THAT.

merry christmas

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  1. You're spot on. Harrison has always been my preference. Lennon and McCartney were always too smug and Ringo was always too bland. To be fair, I can only be bothered with 'Rubber Soul' and 'Revolver' anyway.

    Meanwhile, hooray for you also being part of VBN. I ended up writing another really pompous and formal cover letter, only to find that- like being an ambassador- it doesn't require such efforts!

    Merry everything.