Wednesday, 2 December 2009

let's buy some of DEM chocolate bars!

hello cool new videopost.

some preliminary reading before today's video review which was brought to my grubby attention by Chelsea. she put me onto it. here's her blog which is deadfunloadsandlots (aboutlastnight...).

watch this cadbury's advert for fairtrade, or as i like to say "barelymade".

now think for a moment. how does it make you feel? a little bit lacist?

the answer you're looking for is: YES.

it features a large TRIBAL voodoo head floating, not very conspiciously through a ghanaian village. people start to flock to the tribal head and dance beside it, chanting voodoo.

then the best bit. all the black people begin shaking their silly faces and cheer when a COCOA BEAN pings off and transforms into a chocolatecolouredman! who then begins rapping as more people dance.

because that's all black folk do you know. rap and dance. and gurn silly faces for the camera. i'm not edward said (lookitup) and i don't think i'm carrying around that much post-colonial guilt but COME ONNNNN!

it smacks of some bigmean corporation using ethnic stereotypes to peddle their stupid choccie bars. (which, by the way are utter BALLS, gor for a nestle LAD).
moving on.
this next music video is like a continuation of that ad. only everyone has taken a large amount of whatever drugs are available and decided to have an orgy.
major lazer - pon de floor

all you need to know is that the people in this house have PHAT asses and swinging gadonkadonkdonks and any other rap synonym for rude bits. my favourite is 'junk' because it can be said in a very short and succinct manner. look: "junk". plus it rhymes with spunk and we all love that right?
the same way i love this video because it's essentially a bit like lucy in the sky with diamonds only produced by missy eliot and directed by the telly tubbies. (look at 3:33 and tell me that doesn't remind you a LITTLE bit of the telly tubbies at the end where the creepy sun-baby laughs maniacally over his disturbing dominion)

oh and if anyone thinks i'm a racist you can go suck on ladygaga's pizza dick.

ps - what's up with tiger woods?


  1. I don't think that the point of the video was to show how thats "all black people do," at all.

    As a matter of fact, lots of places in Ghana do participate in lots of dancing and etc, as it's country with deep roots in music, dancing, and the like. Of course its not all they do, but its a fun part of their culture so maybe thats why the dancing and stuff is advertised.

    As for the voodoo head, don't really know how to explain that...

  2. God I've been away so long I missed my shout out! Many thanks.

    And omg now you mention it, Pon De Floor does remind me of a very adult, very black version of The Tele Tubbies. Brilliant.