Sunday, 3 October 2010

OK NO: dog abuse is not cool

here's ok go's latest "music video"

if i could be bothered i would send the letter bellow to ok go along with a small dog poo. sadly i am very busy being the best damn housewife liverpool has ever seen. here's a recent photo

dear douchebags,

not that i mind but what exactly are you trying to prove in your music videos? seriously.

you can have a prize for the treadmill video and the more autistic amongst us will enjoy 'this too shall pass' for it's sheer intricate simplicity. but when did it become ok to abuse dogs in such a manner?

did you ask these canines if they minded being wheeled around on shelves or balanced on multicoloured plastic beams? bet you didn't you cuntys.

you may be wearing all white but it's the white of the evil scientist. not angelic white. i have a degree in stories and i am well aware of what part you play.

wheeling the dogs around on chairs is just, odd. the whole thing is like a really demented crufts.

i blame that fat member of your band with the bald head. why is it always the baldies with the weird ideas? elmer fudd, dr evil, lex luthor, gail porter. they're ALWAYS up to something.

patrick stewart is exempt because he's picard AND professor xavier.

the point stands. stop abusing dogs in your cult of "quirky" videos. at least torment an evil animal like a cat.

yours irately,

a dog lover

p.s - if you ever do a video with sloths, i will personally end you.

does anyone have an address i can send this too? here's a boss sloth video

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  1. I really don't want to start an argument here, rather a discussion on the points you are making and what the facts are.

    OK Go are creative. Their moto is 'to make cool shit'. If anything their music videos prove that you don't have to spend an excessive amount of money to make an enjoyable video.

    I'm sorry but I don't see any definitive form of dog abuse e.g hitting, shouting, emaciated bodies. In fact all the dogs had been wagging their tails at one point or another. Having 'OK Go abuse dogs' as the blog title really gives the wrong impression to people who have never/barely heard of OK Go and they are good people. They even promoted ASPCA and the adoption of dogs at local/rural dog shelters.

    Employing dogs to do something is not considered as animal cruelty.

    If you still remain with your current opinions then fine.

    I await your reply (if you want to discuss anything with me at all)