Tuesday, 12 January 2010

bushido and the art of dancing around a room lots

this video got reviewed coz of this woman's blog (deadniceblog).

ok that whole 'rage' thing at the beginning of this otherwise brilliant example of kate bush lessons in art house vidoes (or SUMINK) is nothing to do with me. it's just annoying. like a steamy turd that refuses to flush.

kate bush is NOT a turd. or if she is, she's a very aurally pleasant, beautifully scented rainbow poo, that get shat out by the likes of aphrodite or michelle obama. she's anti-shit. existing to counter balance the awful things in the world like nick griffin, the pope and/or ulrika johnson.

i bum kate bush already but yeah. cheers.

so it's 1985 and something politcally thatcherite is probably going down so kate bush makes this video. dancing her tits off with michael hevieu in what some have called a 'choreographed' performance.

nonsense if you ask me.

we're in the 80s again for bums sake. and how do music videos in the 80s attain their brilliance?

hello drugs.

but this is kate bush and she is literally odd enough to do without them.

from the moment she jerks that bloke's head around at 0:02, forcing him to blow an invisible willy, you know this is going to be good.

and because she's totally a feminist and stuff, she uses the bloke as a climbing frame at 0:13. yeah. she climbs all over the muscular yumminess that is patriarchy. yeah. slag. arty slag in a kimono.

even when he tries to hold her back from hurling herself through the glass ceiling window she smacks him off and continues (1:00). then she's casting around looking for a light bulb to re-fit. ON HER OWN. or something.

and like all people in the universe, what she's wearing, that kimono thing, it MEANS something. and it's called a hakama.

and hakama's are part of the dress of those who follow the way of bushido. yes. BUSHido.

this bitch definitely/probably got an A* in artyfarty studies. (i'd claim one for knowing that too but i just know shit. definitely didn't use wikipedia)

she knew what she was doing. firing the invisible arrow of feminist-ism deep into the interregnum of post-structuralist wanky panky.


or not. she's just dancing around a room with a bloke who would DEFINITELY get it. she would too like but mainly him. how about her AND him? yeah. much better. let's all get bisexual.

there's a new 2010 trend: bisexual bushido. right there.

i'm off to get lube and a hakama.

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