Monday, 4 January 2010

pain pain of the video maker

does anyone know who the saturdays are? serious. apart from the one who used to be in S Club 9 or whatever, who the fuck are they?

this is what someone might like to answer:

the saturdays are a credible all girl pop group, each with their own distinct personality and 'feel'. combining raw sex appeal with youthful and occasionally funky beats, the girls are heading for the big time. follow them on twitter young cyberspatially savvy youth!

here's my answer:

i don't fucking know.

my friend, egg, said i should review this video though.

the saturdays thought all this up themselves by the way, yeah yeah. they have total creative control over their image, musical direction and all other artistic stuff like that.

it's not all the work of a bunch of stylists and blokesinsuits doing coke and making lots of money and not actually caring about "the music". no no. the saturdays DID IT ALL THEMSELVES.

i was going to go through this video and pinpoint things but instead i'm going to say it looks a bit like a cheapo version of watchmen done by a guy who makes music videos like THIS. favourite bit is definitely probably at 0:17.

that said though, not all is lost. i saw the video for 'up' on THIS blog (itsallrightcheckitout) and can safely say the only member of the saturdays id go out dancing with is the yellow one.

all the others enjoy what they're doing far too ironically.

that's the proper way to do things.

or maybe this is (itsallabouthowBIGCOCKSare). nice


  1. Do other countries have the concept of 'a sit down'?

    It's all about Frankie. I'd literally eat my own face to get close to that smoothe, matte, finish.

  2. i keep seeing them pop up on websites and was always meaning to actually listen to a song of theirs. Now I can say I did...but am not too sure where my thoughts lie on's too much yet not enough.