Thursday, 26 November 2009

happy thanksgiving (with female black empowerment)

now here's how it's done. a big nice fucking confusing 90s video. with black empowered females getting filmed doing shit and pointing at the camera a lot.

sort of wish they weren't dressed in so much leather; it's like they're prostitutes. but real highly paid ones who will sing for you before they cram your penis in their mouths. (note: i don't condone penis going into mouth. i just really like madonna. NOT BEING GAY FTW)

i dont know much about en vogue. just that this video is batshit crazy. and they do a cool arm movement when ever they say 'don't let go'. that makes the singing more importantandmeaningful obviously.

that's the thing about these ladies. they're backing up what they say with ACTUAL ACTIONS. it's almost as if they mean what they're saying eh? i mean so many people don't do that these days. like that crybaby leona. or general douchebagfolks. HAVE A CARE!

lot of hair flicks here too. my favourite is just at 3:44. actually no. complete lie. that one IS good. the best hair flick is by the main bitch at about 3:52. she could kill you with that hair flick. its got the power of black liberation AND female empancipation wrapped in it's deadly follicles.

the hair flick is so amazing, it finishes this song. and makes that loser in the front row who's obviously been messing en vogue around feel really bad. like he's just done a smell-tastic shit in his pantaloons.

cheers for that en vogue. let's get jubilant. oh and happy thanks giving.

ps - this video gotreviewedbecausesiobhanaskedmetoo. BOLD BIRTHDAY

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  1. That whole post made me LOL.

    So, if you're taking requests I think this may just be your best review yet: